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Inpatient Rehabilitation for Patients With Spinal Cord Injury

Spinal Cord Rehabilitation at Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital

Is Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital at Carmel for You? 

Admission for Patients with spinal cord injuries:


We care for patients with spinal cord injuries who need extensive rehabilitation when their ability to function has been disrupted.

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital in Carmel can help: 

  • If you have recently had an acute traumatic spinal cord injury, a spinal tumor or other disease impacting the central or peripheral nervous system, we are here to help you. 

  •  If you have experienced recent changes in your medical status or your ability to function from a prior spinal cord injury, we can reevaluate and treat you. 

  • For admission consideration to our inpatient rehabilitation hospital for you or a loved one, learn more and speak to an admissions specialist.  

To learn more about our comprehensive rehabilitation services at
Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital in Carmel, read on. 

Rehabilitation services for spinal cord injuries

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital in Carmel offers patients and their families an exceptional local option for spinal cord injury rehabilitation care in our beautiful, and a comfortable state-of-the-art hospital.

Our Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital is specifically designed to meet the needs of our spinal cord injured patients, families, and caregivers, providing rehabilitation and recovery services that offer a holistic, integrated, and comprehensive approach to acute, intensive inpatient spinal cord injury rehabilitation.  


Our specialized team of spinal cord injury rehabilitation experts works together daily to create a comprehensive, well-rounded individualized spinal cord injury rehab program just for you. Your medical/therapy treatment team has been specifically trained in spinal cord injury rehabilitation and the use of advanced technologies designed to help you. 

Our treatment team uses an interdisciplinary treatment team approach, implementing interventions from Physical Therapists focusing on improving physical function and mobility. 

Our Occupational Therapists will help you with resources and training to help you manage a transition back to your environment and our case managers will help with those arrangements. 

Speech Therapists focus on alternative methods of communication if your speech is impacted by your injury. 

Our rehab team will also ensure you have the emotional support and tools you need for managing any psychological aspect from your spinal cord impact. 


Our rehab team seeks to understand your current lifestyle, relationships, and home environment since spinal cord injuries can be very complex, impacting your ability to move as well as breathing, bowel or bladder control and sexual functionality.  


Depending on the level of your spinal cord injury (neck, back, or lower back) and the level of severity (partial or complete spinal cord injury) our rehab team will choose the best types of therapy and technologies to plan the best course of rehab for you. 

Let’s work together to get you back home where you belong.

Speak with our admissions specialist

Ask your physician to make a referral  

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