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When I arrived here I was fearful of being in a wheelchair the rest of my life. I was a mess from an outpatient surgery at another hospital the representative came to that hospital and said " We will help you get back to normal life and we feel like we are your best option".


After looking at 3 options for rehabilitation hospitals I decided to go there. I arrived by ambulance at Indianapolis rehabilitation hospital and was brought in on a stretcher. I was immediately overwhelmed with the genuine desire to help me. The chefs are amazing it is not hospital food.


I was wheeled back and forth to the gym where Sarah and Aundrea would work with me in pt and ot. These ladies both have received their doctrine in the field they work in and were so down to earth when they explained what their goals for me each day was. I entered the 13th of April 22, and stayed til they were sure that it would be safe for me to walk up 37 steps to my 3rd floor apt. Thanks again for your time and help.


The nurses I cant explain how they made you a number 1 priority when you were in their care 20 hours of the day, They are asked to work 12 hour shifts and would work 7 to 10 days before they would take a day off. A familiar face every day and night was comforting and they made sure you stayed on course for what the day will bring, I don't know how they made you feel like you were their only patient they had to care for but that wasn't the case.


Nurses who I had Krystal, Mia, Vivian and Marianna like my therapist were absolutely just what I needed and if I ever have a family member that needed care that they supply, no question it will be here. Others to mention Dr.Z, Sonya thank you. Of course the support staff was great also all the other nurses were too. But the ladies who made it possible for me to walk again and cared for me Thank You.

"When I arrived here I was fearful of being in a wheelchair the rest of my life…. made it possible for me to walk again... Thank You.

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