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Thank you for your interest in our Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital

Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital at Carmel is a 40-bed acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospital located in Carmel, Indiana, serving residents around Carmel and Indianapolis.

In fact, our rehab hospital is the only acute rehabilitation hospital in Carmel, IN. While ideally, patients or their caregivers should never need to leave their personal communities for quality rehabilitation care, choosing the best rehab experience for you is more important than choosing proximity. 

Is an IRF the Best Choice for you?

Recent medical studies definitively show that Inpatient Rehab Facility (IRF) settings result in substantial improvement in the patient's physical mobility and ability to care for themselves.

Our interdisciplinary team approach is in keeping with these recommendations and offers the best potential for positive outcomes. 

View the comparison chart to see what a difference our IRF can make in your rehabilitation experience. 

Inpatient Rehab. vs. Skilled Nursing Facilities:
A Comparison Chart. 

No other healthcare setting offers what Inpatient Rehab Hospitals have in specialized programming for hospital-level patients requiring intensive rehabilitation. 
Indianapolis Rehabilitation Hospital in Carmel offers that intense rehabilitation you need.


Make the wise choice. 

If you think inpatient rehab is right for you, ask your physician and case manager for a referral. Our Indianapolis Rehab team will be here to support you, every step of the way.

Because we focus solely on inpatient rehabilitation, our entire team is dedicated to making a difference in our community. We do this by improving the quality of life for those in need, ensuring they reach their full health potential through rehabilitative medicine and the delivery of industry-leading rehabilitation programs and services.

You can take comfort knowing that the care you and our other patients receive for their debilitating disease or injury is delivered by an integrated treatment team of inspired, and highly qualified rehabilitation professionals.




Meet Laura Thompson, Occupational Therapist, who enjoys what she does and the challenge to help her patients achieve even the smallest gains. 


She feels the connections she makes with her patients and their families make their day just a little better.  Laura tells us she has learned over the years that listening means listening with all of her senses since it’s often what a person doesn’t say is just as important.   


In Laura’s 18 year career, she finally has the opportunity to work in her own community, and we are excited she chose Indianapolis Rehab Hospital.



Meet David Kirubakaran, who joined us as our Chief Therapy Officer on Day 1, January 4th, as we prepared to open our hospital.  


David has been a Physical Therapist since 1991.  A typical day for David starts with rounding with the clinical team of therapists and nurses.  The rest of the day is a  combination of engaging with patients, families, the care teams, and physicians. 


To prepare for those interactions, David participates in the hospital leadership meeting to review the current patients being cared for and rehab staffing and goals for the day. 


As David rounds with the case management team, he talks with the patients and their families and also with the physicians as they examine and assess the patients' progress. It's evident to those who know David that he loves his job. 


In talking with David, he will mention that he feels fortunate to have a competent leadership team for the operational aspects of the hospital.  He also talks about working with clinicians and having the opportunity to mentor young, compassionate clinicians.  


Ironically, during David's high school and college years, he was very shy and an introvert, which is very different from today's engaging personality. David's mantra is "Always do what is right for the patient."